Future Programs

The NeverTechLate project started with the initial goal of teaching older adults how to use a tablet and a video conferencing tool, such as Zoom.  Many ideas for growth and scaling are surfacing, but need to be restrained until the proof of concept is achieved via a pilot program.  Some of the developing initiatives could be extended to include specialized offerings for individuals with disabilities, including those with visual or mobility limitations.


Other options could add products and features such as:

  • TeleMedicine

  • Transportation

  • Music Therapy

  • Deploying the program for older adults still living at home, possibly delaying or avoiding the need to move into a retirement community altogether.

  • Customizing tablets to include items such as family photos, personalized playlists, and games to help with issues such as memory loss.

  • Connecting the tablet to external products such as Hamilton CapTel (a captioned phone service developed by Ultratec), which allows the user to listen & read words on the tablet as they are spoken over the phone.

Photos on tablet
Music therapy