Main Program

The first objective of the NeverTechLate project is to assist older adults with learning how to use a tablet.  Zoom video conferencing software will also be introduced.  The goal is to help older adults learn how to use technological tools, like video conferencing, to help reduce feelings of social isolation.

NeverTechLate was developed in consultation with instructional design professionals from the Department of Professional Studies in Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  An extensive needs assessment was performed via the collaboration with subject matter experts, as well as with retirement community residents, directors and staff.









NeverTechLate is dedicated to harvesting the beneficial aspects of technology in the service of enriching the lives of older adults.  As part of its introductory program offering, NeverTechLate will introduce the concept and uses of a tablet, and explore the benefits of using video conferencing software (Zoom) to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

The NeverTechLate pilot program offered eight sessions including:

  1. Why are we here?

  2. Introduction to the Tablet

  3. Exploring the Tablet

  4. Connecting to Others- Video Conference Part 2

  5. Connecting to Others- Video Conference Part 1

  6. Review & Practice

  7. Staying Safe Online & Extra Practice

  8. Graduation- Celebrating Our Success!

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