The NeverTechLate project was born from an ongoing commitment to and fascination with the “underdog” of our society: groups of people who for diverse reasons might need help but are not as successful as other groups in getting attention and resources from the government, media and other organizations.

"Of course it helped in that case that I thought my own mother was part of this particular underdog community which is the target of my project. She had to leave school at 14 years old to go to work and never could catch up with additional education. Most importantly she never caught up with the wave that has engulfed our societies: Technology enabled Communication."

- Florence Mauchant

Founder and CEO, NeverTechLate


The well documented neuroplasticity nature of our brain will allow for older adults, equipped with a tablet or another smart device and with an expertly designed learning curriculum, to connect through Zoom with their family, grand kids, and friends old and young - breaking the pervasive isolation factor and opening the possibility for a healthier life.