Founded in 2019, NeverTechLate ("NTL") empowers older adults to learn how to navigate the internet, use a tablet and communicate with friends and family via videoconferencing tools such as Zoom. 


Firmly rooted in a desire to promote lifelong learning and provide the critical benefits of technology to the older adult, NeverTechLate aims to boost social engagement in this community and thereby counter the potentially devastating health effects isolation can cause.

Why have we embarked on the NTL mission?

Because we believe:

  • It is never too late to learn.

  • Continuous curiosity and the ability to acquire new skills is a profound source of contentment and healthy disposition.

  • The stimulation of remaining cognitive capabilities, and the overall respect of older adults, will restore the self-confidence and wellness in our audience.

  • Societal changes are relevant to the outcomes of our mission.  Research has revealed:

    • our society is aging at a rapid rate.

    • our brains can keep on learning.

    • our daily lives are becoming more dependent on our ability to use technological and communication devices.